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Hello, everyone!

Going into the New Year, we'd like to focus a bit on what makes this community so special, which is all of you. One of the things we read about the most is the many, many friendships that have formed on these boards; friendships that have gone from anonymous online support, to real-life bonds.

We're looking for some of your stories, to be featured in an upcoming blog post. If you've met and developed a close bond with someone during your time here, one that has translated from the forums to real-life, we'd love to hear from you! We'd like to interview a few of you, and learn more about how this community has helped grow your own personal support systems. If this sounds like you and someone you've met here, please send us a pm with your story or post it here Friendships formed at BCO, and we'll be in touch!

As always, thank you, for being here, for sharing yourselves with us, and for sharing your lives with each other.

With the New Year here, we'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings and wishes... Please share with us here.

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