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With the holidays coming up - we have a free resource we'd like to introduce you to called Mend After (mendafter.com/recovery-registry/) who has created a registry, like a wedding registry, but for cancer patients. It's a new way that friends, family and colleagues can gift meaningful support to a cancer patient.

Specifically, they are looking for patients and caregivers to create a registry and provide early feedback. As a thank you for your time, each person will receive a $50 site credit once you create and share the registry. In addition, Mend After will donate $20 to Breastcancer.org on the patient's behalf.

How it works: Create a registry at (mendafter.com/recovery-registry/) and enter the code BCORG$50; Mend After will suggest products and cash funds based on your specific treatments and symptoms. You choose which items you think could help you the most


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Did you make the decision to retire before you had planned to as a result of your breast cancer diagnosis? How did you come to the decision? Were you prepared? What have you ended up doing in your retirement? Share your story here. Thank you!


We're in San Antonio DEC 10-14TH for the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (https://www.sabcs.org) .

BCO WANTS TO PLAN A MEET UP! Who is attending? Let us know HERE! Thanks!

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