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We are writing some new articles for our section on metastatic breast cancer, and could use your help.

1. How to ask for help: Did you ever find it difficult to ask for help with household chores, work-related tasks, or emotional support? Who did you rely on for different kinds of support? What advice do you have for accepting that you need help, or building a support network? Did you find support from unexpected people in your life? Please share here: How to ask for help

2. How to find mental health resources: After a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, it's not uncommon to experience stress, anxiety, fear, or depression. What effects did your diagnosis have on your mental and emotional health, and how did you decide to address it? Did you decide to see a therapist, take medication, join a support group, or try another approach? Please share here: How to find mental health resources

3. What you wish your friends knew: While you may have been able to educate your close family members about the reality of the disease, you might find that your friends and acquaintances don't quite grasp what you're going through. Have you experienced this? If so, what do you wish your friends and acquaintances knew. Please share here: What you wish your friends knew

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