My Most Memorable BCO Moment: Meeting Lori

By on October 21st, 2010 Categories: Inside

I’d been working at for about 2 weeks. It was my first assignment – do a video about and our girls’ prevention initiative.

We were doing the video shoot over the weekend at Lankenau Hospital outside of Philadelphia. We had set up interviews with a number of patients treated by founder and president Dr. Marisa Weiss.

I arrived early with the film crew – helping set up and greeting people as they came in. When Lori walked in, I walked toward her with a smile and my hand out. She opened her arms wide and hugged me as if we’d known each other all of our lives. She thanked me profusely for – a resource she said was so invaluable to her during her own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Even though I told her I was new and had nothing to do with the programs and content,  she insisted that being a part of was enough for her … and I guess marked me worthy of such a warm and generous greeting.

I realized in that moment that being a part of was going to be an entirely different experience. I knew intellectually that it would be rewarding. What I didn’t anticipate was the truly profound personal impact that has on people’s lives. And that I would be swept up in that journey.

Coming from the for-profit world, I’d never experienced first-hand the intense effect that health education and support can have.  People certainly loved the products I helped market, but these products never touched peoples’ lives in the same emotional way …. a way that can inspire hope, understanding, and comfort.

Two years later (two action-packed, incredible years later), I’ve had countless other “Lori moments.” I’ve experienced the undeserving, open-armed gratitude from so many … for merely being connected to (I still have nothing to do with the content).

It will always be a privilege to directly cross paths with the people we serve. That our community can open up to us and make us all part of this journey is a rare gift that we all cherish.

And I’m amazed how often the community reaches back out to us – to thank us, to help us, to do whatever they can to help others affected by breast cancer. I can’t help but be personally inspired by the selflessness of our community as they deal with their own challenges, to be so resolved in thinking of others. Lori’s not alone!

Karen Young Levi – Director of Marketing, Karen is convinced that she has the best job on the planet. When she’s not busy finding ways to raise awareness of or talking, she loves spending time with her husband, their family, friends and furry companions (domesticated and wild), traveling and cooking.


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