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This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the United States. It’s no secret that the holiday season can be stressful for any number of reasons. But taking a few minutes out of your day to reflect on what makes you smile, what makes you feel at peace — what you’re thankful for — can help relieve some of that stress.

Our community members have been sharing what they are grateful for — here’s what some of them have to say.



I am grateful for all the big things, little things, happy things, and even sad things that have happened since my diagnosis almost eight years ago. I am just grateful to be around to experience them. LIFE!



I am most grateful for my adoring husband of 34 years, for my brilliant and funny son and his thoughtful and caring girlfriend, and for my extended family and friends. Without any of them, this would be a much more difficult path. Among my friends, I count quite a few women I first met here on Breastcancer.org, including several I’ve since met in person, and others with whom I email almost daily. I can’t imagine going through breast cancer without this sisterhood of support, most of which originated here on Breastcancer.org. And while I would never wish a breast cancer diagnosis on anyone, I think many of us who are living with that diagnosis are fortunate to have as the result of it a very deep, unique, and meaningful circle of breast cancer-sister relationships — connections with intelligent, brave and interesting women we never would have made had it not been for breast cancer.



Before cancer I hated my hair (stringy, thin), after cancer I’m grateful for hair, my own stringy thin hair!

Before cancer I used to complain that I hated my job, after cancer I’m grateful that I am healthy and feel good enough to work.

Before cancer I thought my hubby didn’t help enough around the house, after cancer I am grateful for how supportive and loving he was (and is) and for keeping the household afloat during months of treatment

I am grateful that I now don’t sweat the small stuff anymore, and everyone says that my type A personality had become a B!

I am grateful for Breastcancer.org, my beautiful family and my friends (and my pa watching over me from above)



To sum up, I am grateful for: my wonderful, supportive, loving husband; my family and friends who walked in Making Strides fundraiser and helped me raise $4,000. My colleagues who always kept in touch with me when I was home recuperating and welcomed me back with open arms; to my wonderful plastic surgeon and her nurse who pulled me up from the depths of despair; my kitties who cuddled with me every morning; to my belated dog Dazzle, who always slept by my side; to being able to adopt a new dog from a shelter; to sunshine days in my backyard; to waking up every morning — to being ALIVE and looking at life through a new kaleidoscope of optimism, faith and love. Thank you God for blessing me with a wonderful life every day!



I am grateful for being able to wake up every morning, see the sun, or the clouds, or simply the light of day — and so far, being seen by all medical personnel as “unremarkable.”



I am grateful to know in this community we are never alone in our side effects and treatment, someone understands. I am so grateful for the support of My Lord Jesus who sustains me.

I am grateful for a loving, supportive, wise and discerning husband. He always knows what to ask my doctor when I forget. He helps me to laugh… I have a great supportive group of faithful friends — two of whom are in this same battle as I am (stage 4). I am blessed by so many people.



I am thankful for finding Breastcancer.org and all the wonderful ladies, husbands, survivors and supporters here. This site helped pull me from the very dark places we have all been at one time or another. It gave me the opportunity to communicate anonymously, unlike support groups, to share my fears and feelings.

I am thankful to have learned so much from the survivors who still check in, supporting their “sisters.” I look forward to being one of the faithful sisters who will hold someone’s hand through this journey, for years to come.

I am thankful also to have had the opportunity to start a new topic and find people around the world who have been in the same circumstance with novel procedures after this diagnosis.

I am thankful for my wonderful fiancé, who was the best nurse a girl could ask for. He was also my physical and mental therapist for the last 18 months too!! I couldn’t have gotten through all this without him by my side… and I’m so glad he is still here after all the changes. We are more in love than ever and have a deeper appreciation for each other, now realizing how precious life is.



I am so very grateful for modern medicine and the “heads up” prognostication skills of the fine doctors at Mercy in Oklahoma City.

I am grateful for the people (mainly women) who came alongside me, with no judgment and no solutions, in my darkest hour, and were “just” there.

I am grateful for whatever time I have in this life and the ability to spend it with those I love.



I am grateful for Inspire Health in Vancouver. I have never come across a group of such consistently kind, compassionate, funny and healing people in one place.

I am also grateful for my daughter and her sweetness.

I am grateful for the women on Breastcancer.org who, in spite of (or because of) their own fears about this frightening disease, take the time to ease the fears of others.

Happy Thanksgiving.



I am grateful for this site and for the ladies in the November 2013 chemo group here who helped me get through it, and some of whom have become, no doubt, lifelong friends.

I am grateful for my husband who was with me 100% every step of the way, and though I wish I’d never had cancer, I’m grateful that some good did come of it: I now know how much he loves me, and HE now knows that he’s an excellent man in a crisis. He is Superman.

I am grateful for my family and friends that were so supportive and loving to me, and most of whom were smart enough to not expect me to have a constantly positive attitude. They let me be The Me that I was through treatment, and loved me, regardless.

I am grateful that I had/have doctors that I have absolute faith in and who take the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions and take my preferences seriously and sometimes just sit and chat with my husband and me. One doctor in particular, my medical oncologist, has moved mountains for me where insurance is concerned.

I am grateful for all the nurses, techs, etc., 99% of whom have been knowledgeable, likable, and who never once treated me like I was “just another patient,” but rather made me feel like me and my health was their main focus when they were with me.

I am grateful for all that modern medicine has had to offer me.

I am grateful for the best of all treatment side effects: I’m alive.

I am grateful that my husband took out an Aflac cancer policy for me just MONTHS before my diagnosis.

I am grateful that I have enough hair now that it looks like I simply WANTED a short and curly hair-do. 😛

And last but far from least, I am grateful for my two dogs and my cat who kept me company during the days when my husband was at work and I was going through surgery recovery, chemo, radiation, and then surgery recovery again. They rarely left my side, and I love them dearly.


Please share with us what you’re grateful for — from the love and support of your family to hearing the right song on the radio at the right time, nothing that brings you joy is too small. And we wish all of our readers a very happy Thanksgiving.

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