Our Friends Answer: What Helped You Get Calm?

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Finding calm when waiting for diagnosis details and making treatment decisions can be a challenge – no surprise there. But even a few minutes of peace can help your well-being. We recently asked our Facebook friends:

When you were in the throes of diagnosis and figuring out your treatment plan, was there anything that helped you get calm, even for a few minutes?

Answers ranged from faith to supportive friends, French fries to Xanax, crystals to pets:

“My belief that I was going to survive, no matter what.”

“…[V]alium helped my mind stop reeling so I could sleep.”

“My faith, my kids and a good movie.”

“Self education, I read every article and treatment and statistic I could find relating to my stage, grade, factors, type of cancer- power and strength was gathered through knowledge.”

“Lunch with kids and significantly sexy other”

“Praying, receiving, believing, deep breathing & music.”

“I would ask myself how am I doing right now? Don’t get upset and worry and stress right now at his moment if you are ok at the moment. You just never know what will happen in the future and why stress out for something that may or may not happen. This really helps me always.”

“A good cry and pity party. Then prayer”

“Walking and yoga.”

“Buddhist meditation on loving kindness helped me enormously. The act of wishing myself and others to be safe and free from harm calmed me not only while meditating, but throughout the day.”

“took mini-vacay from the madness with a pedicure or a boat ride on the lake with friends.”

“Prayer, crying, family, meds…it takes what it takes to get thru it.”

“Giants baseball, prosecco, Seinfeld episodes, my husband, my daughter, hypnosis, lemons, all my loving caring friends…”

Was there something that helped you stay calm when things seemed too chaotic? Let us know in the comments area below!

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