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I am writing this after the world ended. Pretty cool, huh?

The market research company Ipsos Global Public Affairs concluded in May that 12 percent of Americans zealously believed that the end of the Mayan calendar — which spans about 5,125 years — would mark a major shift for humanity… bluntly speaking: the end of the world. It happened on December 21, 2012. That’s also the day that, scientifically speaking, happens only once every 26,000 years — the orbit of the sun crosses the equator of the Milky Way, aligning our solar system with the heart of the galaxy. Put those two together and you get one major Rx for disaster. Or do you?

As I look back at this year… I am amazed at the wisdom of the Mayans, Inca, Hopi, and other indigenous elders who all had similar 500-year-old prophecies that predicted this year to be the mother lode of shifting years. How these people, without technology, texts, computers, software, hardware, could jointly predict these truths is still mind-boggling to me.

I DO believe the world ended. The world as we knew it, that is. I also believe that it is a really good thing.

I could list ALL the crazy, horrible, mind-numbing, life-altering, paradigm-shifting events that have happened over the past year on this planet, in our countries and in our communities, but I won’t. The news media has done enough of that. I could also write a novel about how shifting has affected me personally in my own life and home. But your story is probably even more interesting than mine. So… let’s leave it at that.

I choose to shift my focus to today and the future… not the past. Not regrets of 2012 and years past. I prefer to look forward, leaving difficult times behind… with gratitude for the lessons, wisdom, and blessings that I trust always blossom from even the most unimaginable tragedies. It seems I’m not alone.

On December 21, millions of people across the earth unified in spiritual and social events to welcome and celebrate the birth of a new era that is peaceful, healthy, and sustainable. From the U.S., Mexico, Egypt, India, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Ghana, Kenya, Scotland, Guatemala, Brazil, and Canada, to many other locations around the planet, millions prayed, meditated, danced, sang, and held fire ceremonies, as I did… to usher in an era of light.

It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever been blessed to witness. Out of darkness… comes the light. Personally, I know this too well. From my breast cancer diagnosis and my one year of chemotherapy came blessings I’m not sure would have come to my life otherwise. Sure, it was difficult. Yes, it brought back tears and memories of my young mom’s passing from the same disease. However, there is no doubt that my life has been deeply enriched by the journey. I am wiser, stronger, more at peace, and more faith-full than ever before.

I could have stayed in that darkness, yet I made a very conscious decision four hours after being diagnosed: that no matter the outcome, I would celebrate every single moment of my healing journey… in gratitude and with utmost faith that was I meant to use my dance with cancer to help others. And so it’s been.

Today, I am choosing to trust again. I believe that this entire planet is shifting into a consciousness of higher awareness. We are becoming, once again, our brothers and sisters’ keepers. More and more people are tapping into their spiritual power and connection and actively uniting with others to create goodness.

Am I living in denial… and creating a mental utopia that doesn’t exist? You tell me. What do you think? Believe? What words do you speak? I fervently believe that thoughts are prayers… and that our words manifest and turn to action, birthing our reality.

What do I choose to believe? I choose peace. Health. Love. Prosperity. Unity. Abundance. Respect. I choose joy.

Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year… new YOU.

Patricia San Pedro is a breast cancer survivor. She is founder of Positively Pat, a health and wellness community. Pat is the author of The Cancer Dancer: Healing One Step at a Time, which guides women and their caregivers, step by step, from diagnosis to treatment. Pat founded the support group "Link of Hope Sistas.” Pat's healing journey became a Discovery documentary called The Cancer Dancer, which received a 2012 Suncoast Emmy Award. Pat is owner of San Pedro Productions, a public relations and media training company. Her career spans several industries including television (in which she won four Emmy Awards), radio, music, publishing, and the airlines. In 2005 she co-authored a book called Dish & Tell, which was later turned into a musical. Pat is also an exhibited photographer and a keynote speaker who loves to inspire joy, a life of balance, and purpose.


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