My Most Memorable BCO Moment: Women I’ll Never Forget

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I’m so lucky to have had many memorable moments with since I joined the organization in 2004. From the letters we receive from those who have gained comfort and confidence through the site, to the projects my team and I have tackled, these moments are reminders of why I’m doing what I do. But what really stick out are the memories of friends of whom we’ve lost. These women were kind, funny, graceful, courageous, and loving in the face of extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

I was friendly with a woman whose workplace started a golf tournament in her honor, and she was always so excited to stop by the office to bring us a donation of the funds raised. She and her twin sister eagerly participated in many of our local events. I was always glad to see them – we’d usually catch up for an hour or two in the corner, happy to get away from the crowd.

Another woman had a raunchy mouth and a twisted sense of humor. She was a total trip. Helping out in the office one day, she had a bunch of us cracking up at some seriously dirty jokes. In her last days, she apparently told her husband that she wasn’t “f—ing dead yet” when he checked in on her. When my coworkers and I heard that last one, we all laughed, shook our heads, and said, “Yup, that’s her!”

One sweet woman who lived with metastatic disease for many years had the most loving family and devoted husband. They kept a blog to keep family and friends up-to-date with how she was doing. As her health deteriorated, her husband continued to write beautiful entries – new ways he was falling in love with her each day, adventurous trips to the beach despite her physical limitations, the funny shirts she would wear to treatments. Reading that she had passed was devastating for all of us in the office. I think the only thing that kept me focused that day was telling myself I owed it to her to help others who, like her, looked to us for help.

These and other people I’ve met here have been role models, both personally, through how they faced their uncertain futures, and professionally. The memories I have of them are reminders that there is still work to do, still women, men, husbands and wives, parents, siblings, children, and friends who need the information and support we work every day to provide on

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