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Looking for inspiring stories for choreography project

lindawolf1955 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2021 in Who or What Inspires You?

It has been five years since I began my journey. Was a busy health care professional at the time.....worked throughout my treatment. Did not tell many people at first about my cancer-only the people that had to know. Retired and decided to go back to school and study dance one of life's passion. Figured it time to smell the roses and have some fun with life.

For my choreography class, I am working on a collaborate piece that centers around a garden, which we are creating with wood and other materials. The flowers that populate the garden represent individual breast cancer stories. Each flower/story will have a dance phrase and the complete dance will be a composite of the phrases.

If you are interested in participating, you can private message me the following:

What sort of flower you would want to represent you, e.g. red rose, white lily-- or you can design the flower with a drawing or description, e.g. blue stain oblong shaped petals or just send me a picture or drawing

A few sentences that describe your story/journey or your inspiration Mantra

What dance movement describes your story-this could be very simple- just day what kind of dance you like

The Garden/Project's title is HOPE GROWS RESEILENCE

The collective flower garden will be donated and the dance will be presented at the college