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Posted on: Feb 26, 2009 11:09PM

Posted on: Feb 26, 2009 11:09PM

Cather1ne wrote:

I was diagnosed with BC in November 2007.  Operated on within the month, chemo started December 27th, lasted six months, radiotherapy three weeks in July.  Throughout treatment I was strong, ok I hated the treatment, there were down days but generally I kept upbeat about it all.

 I have been hit by a series of side effects as a result of treatment, radiation damage to lung, eczema (which i never had before and mostly centred on my chest), but even at the start of this I seemed strong.  

However, I am unable to mention the words breast cancer without my eyes filling up these days.  Does this ever come to an end? 

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Mar 3, 2009 01:15PM Makratz wrote:

I cry easily and cry when commercials for breast cancer come on the television and radio.  I'm hoping that it willl stop.  I also cry when people send me emails about breast cancer survivors, prayers etc.  Sometimes I feel like just when I may start to forget that I had breast cancer for a bit, someone or something reminds me.  We just have to hang in there and know that it will stop someday.  It's still pretty new to us all.  Hang in there!

Linda...♥♥♥ Never, never, never give up ~ Winston Churchill
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Mar 3, 2009 05:33PM mikita5 wrote:


"Go back to what used to make you feel happy and re-learn one step at a time"

But the things that used to make me so happy don't interest me anymore. Everyone who knows me calls me a shopaholic. I LOVED clothes and shoes and buying for the house! The first time my sister cleaned my house, she called me at work and asked "Why do you have SO MANY clothes?".   I truly was a shopaholic. When my kids were little, I'd run into a sale and buy things that didn't even fit my kids. I'd give the stuff to their friends. 

Now, I have no interest in stores, malls, internet stores, nothing. 

I have 8 grandkids. I cross stitched a photo of the 2 oldest. I have 6 more to sew and I'd love to get them done (took me a yr to finish each of the first two). I think to myself 'I'll get started and try to finish one more', then, I realize I have bc. I may not be here 6 more yrs to finish them all. What if I finish 5 and I'm not here to do the last one? That last child will be hurt. 

I HATE having BC. I read that after mastectomy (which I'm scheduled for March 30), you become a different person. Well, I've already become a different person diagnosed first of Jan. '08)and I'm trying so hard to act like my old self! I just want to go to bed and stay!
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