Topic: Body Image concerns after Mastectomy

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Posted on: Nov 2, 2020 08:15PM

Posted on: Nov 2, 2020 08:15PM

AliKat7 wrote:

I have my Mastectomy surgery with expander scheduled next week it is possible that radiation will be needed, then planning on having DIEP reconstruction surgery.

I am already having concerns with body image concerns with my body post surgery. (Longer history with body image issues, but not looking to get into here, just looking to get a head of it this time).

I am looking for suggestions of books, workbooks, etc, that might have helped you after surgery, maybe something cancer/Mastectomy specific (or that can be used with cancer/Mastectomy in mind). If not you, but you have have counselor/therapist friends, family, etc can you can ask them and see if they have ideas?

I am throwing this out far and wide, hoping this great big community can help me.

Thank you,


Dx 8/26/2020, IDC, Right, 3cm, Grade 2, 0/4 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-, Surgery 9/8/2020 Lumpectomy: Right; Lymph node removal: Right, Sentinel
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