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Topic: Breast cancer and bladder cancer

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Posted on: Oct 14, 2009 03:38PM

yosemite wrote:

I had breast cancer- ductal, small, with chemo and radiation 15 years ago. It was not linked hormonal, nodes were negative. Now I have bladder cancer. anyone else with a secondary cancer in remote location from breast, or with bladder cancer. I suspect toxic water conditions at home and at work contributed to bladder cancer. I am in my early sixties so I am looking for long term outcomes in my  peer group.

blue flower Dx 1994, DCIS, 1cm, Grade 1, ER-/PR-
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Oct 22, 2009 10:30PM cintipat wrote:

Hi Yosemite....we've met over on the American Bladder Cancer Forum.  I'm doing it just the opposite...After almost 7 yrs bladder cancer free i've just been diagnosed with breast cancer and its a new primary.  I've noticed that two others have also had breast cancer.  I'm a bit in limbo right now as i've just had a ultrasound guided vacuum assisted core biopsy so it doesn't give me stage and grade.  All i know is there are lobular and ductal components...but its small a little over 1 cm. and proliferation rate below 10%.  Going in to see the surgeon tomorrow and try to ask whats next  and then off to MSK for a second opinion.  This is an entirely new vocabulary for me after being a bladder cancer advocate for the past 6 yrs!!.....

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Nov 14, 2009 01:14AM Fritzi wrote:

Bladder cancer and leukemia are both possible long-term side effects of chemotherapy.  Of course I'm sure that there are many reasons for any kind of cancer, environmental toxins I am sure are high on the list.  I begin chemo next week (very reluctantly) for breast cancer.  I wish you the best.  I am 63 and I hope that it will be 15 years before I have bladder cancer from the chemo, if it has to happen.


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Dec 8, 2009 11:24PM lyjensen wrote:

My mother who is 64 years old, was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and in the tests to see if it had spread, they also found bladder cancer. The doctor said they were two separate cancers and the cancer had not spread to the bladder from the breast. This just happened today and I'm not sure of the complete situation but will be checking this board for any information from others. (It is interesting that most people posting to this topic with both types of cancer are in their early 60's.)

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Oct 21, 2011 01:31PM - edited Oct 21, 2011 01:32PM by dani46


Yes, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer IDC Stage 3B in 05..I had Cytoxin, adrimycin, and taxil, also 39 radiation treatments..3 boosts....I survied and was very thankful to go into remission.

I had what I thought was a UTI..Which seemed normal for me, because it had happened so many times in my life...But this time in 08 was different...I ended up in the E.R. They did a tranvaginal ultrasound, and found the bladder cancer...I've had four superficial tumors removed shortly after that...Then in 2010 it came back on the bladder january i had 12 superficial tumors removed, with theotepa given...Then three months later 6 more returned, and theotepa given, had to be stopped because of infections...I was also diagnosed with skin cancer in O9, The doctors say these are all separate primarys..So It's been a long road..I'm 46, and this has all been very overwelming, but I'm trying to deal with it all day to day...So, the doctors say the bladder cancer is not in my case related to the breast cancer, but I dont know...I think the chemotherapy I was given for the breast cancer may have had somethinng to do with in...I heard the cytoxin could have done it...But who knows, It's been really a long, and hard road...I'm new here and I hope this information helps someone...Dani

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Nov 21, 2012 03:09AM dani46 wrote:

Well back again.   My breast cancer recurred, and I've just had a double mascectomy.   Wondering if anyone out there had hemotomas after their surgery?   

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