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Topic: Worried about recurrence on chest wall

Forum: Not Diagnosed With a Recurrence or Metastases but Concerned —

Meet others concerned about developing a recurrence or metastases.

Posted on: May 4, 2020 09:35PM

Arianalr93_ wrote:

Hey all , I want to get everyone’s opinion about if I should be concerned with recurrence after mastectomy. For about a year I have felt discomfort and slight swelling under my armpit as well as thickening on my mastectomy scar for the past few months. I have spoken to my doctor who did order an ultrasound under the arm but it only showed enlarged nodes. This morning I felt right above my scar a small hard ball . I can’t tell if it is muscle or a mass. I feel that no one will listen to me because of my age and I can’t help but shake the feeling something is wrong . What do you guys think

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May 16, 2020 05:00PM Hannah1962 wrote:

I hope you were able to get some answers. I am feeling a hard ball too (very tiny) on the non-cancer side. I'm scheduled to see the doctor on Wednesday. I will let you know what happens in my case. I really hope you have been able to get the doctor to listen and give an adequate response.

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May 17, 2020 09:49AM helenlouise wrote:

Hi Arian, If you have a lump make sure your doctors acts on it. If you have had breast cancer your age is irrelevant. I am also concerned that you had enlarged nodes and no action?

Good luck

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May 25, 2020 04:12PM Arianalr93_ wrote:

Hey! Thanks for reply . Long story short I have had enlarged nodes for about 8 months now and I have begged for tested and most my doctor has done was a ultrasound which showed 3 nodes enlarged with biggest 2 1/2 cm. I decided to get a second opinion and she repeated ultrasound which showed 3 nodes that looked abnormal and large so she did a biopsy and now I am still waiting on results . It’s been 10 days and nurse said my results are still under review ... so I’m not sure what that means regarding if cancers back.

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