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Topic: Was your Dad a Nuclear Vet in 1953??

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Posted on: Mar 22, 2012 03:25PM

climbergirl wrote:

Hi All,

My Dad was one of the Marine's exposed to the Bomb testings of Operation Upshot-Knothole tests in the Spring of 1953 and he ended up with several forms of Cancer. I have no family history but was diagnosed 5 years ago right after he passed. There are more studies that are coming out that show a transgenerational effect that can go out to two generations or so. This is particularly important given the nuclear disasters in Japan and Chernobyl. I think this would be the age group that is most likely to have had Dad's exposed.  Anyone else? 

Take Care,


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Mar 22, 2012 07:58PM - edited Mar 22, 2012 08:06PM by Kicks

Early 1950's, we lived not too far from some above ground nuclear tests in the western US. Daddy had been stateside after Europe (he was USA then went USAF when it was formed) when the Enola Gay dropped Little Boy and BochsCar dropped Fat Man over Japan. He did go in for occupation though. The only one in my family that has had any cancer for at least 4 generationsx is me - IBC. He was stationed in France during the Korean War (we were there too. There are other possible 'reaxons' for me - I had radiation to my throat wwhen I was 1 1/2. y/o when tonsils taken out (common practice then). I grew up on USAF bases, losts of chemicals over years (hairdresser/upholstery/screen printing), was USA, on or very close to UNS Air Fields for 20 yrs, live under the flight path for a large USAF base so I've definately been aroung a lot of potential carcinogens my entire life.

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