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Topic: abnormal mamm and ultrasound, path report tomorrow - help?

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Posted on: Aug 19, 2012 02:11PM

placid44 wrote:

I am 44, found lump three weeks ago (never had had a lump before, during or after my period), dense breasts, mother history of breast cancer (twice, both post-menopausal), negative for BRAC1 and BRAC2.  Showed up very suddenly so very worried it is fast growingaggressive. Had diagnostic mammogram Friday - both abnormal.  Ultrasound showed oval shaped solid mass with blood flow/vessels.  Radiologist said it might have dead cells in middle, which I know from research is necrosis and can mean aggressive tumor.  They did core needle biopsy on Friday.  Very concerned about path results. They also did fine needle biopsy of sentinel node as he though he saw fluid on ultrasound. 

Trying to prepare myself for high grade tumor, triple negative tumor, or spread to lymph nodes.  I am aware of benefits of hormone therapy for ER+, PR+, herceptin for HER2+. But I am concerned that I will be triple negative or advanced or aggressive.  Friend was stage III, ER+ and HER2+ 3 years ago and has done well so far. Mother was ER+ and HER2- five years ago and no recurrence.

What can you tell me about outlook for aggressive or triple negative, especially BEYOND five years.  My fear is that you do well for a few years but ultimately end up in the same place. I have read quite a bit online already, but am looking for info from those who have been there.


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Aug 22, 2012 05:22PM elimar wrote:

I'm all for staying on top of the info., but it really would be better to just wait the one day, determine what exactly that nodule is and then gather your type specific information. should it even turn out to be B/C.  If it is B/C, you will be able to find existing threads going into detail for that type, or if you have questions not already answered, you can ask them in the forum for B/C of that type.  For now, I wish you the best of luck that it is something benign.
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