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Topic: Period back after 7 years, plus kidsicles

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Posted on: Apr 3, 2013 07:14PM - edited Apr 3, 2013 07:18PM by foo

foo wrote:

Has anyone else had their period come back WAY late? And/or had a kid via IVF in their late 40s?

I'm 48, was dx'd at 41, and went into menopause after my 2nd round of TAC. For the first year after chemo, I had my FSH/LH/Estradiol levels tested monthly, because I was taking Femara. After that, I had them checked once a year, but finally stopped since the hot flashes and all the other symptoms made it obvious.

Last fall, the hot flashes seemed to slow down, but I thought it was the cooler weather and/or finally getting used to the medication. Without being too TMI about it, in January I started to have ovulation-like symptoms that would last a week or more. Last month it dawned on me that Femara is also used as a fertility medicine, and 22 days ago I finally decided to stop the Femara. Today I got my first period since May of 2006.

And this: I had embryos frozen before starting chemo, a leap of faith I obviously have not given up on. So, hmmm...I'm 48, with some kidsicles made by a 41 and 36-year old. I stopped the Femara because clearly I have to decide what to do, and among other things I have to get any medications out of my system. My last zometa was July of 2011, and I know that's a concern, too.

If anyone out there has had a remotely similar experience, or knows of someone, I'd appreciate hearing how it all played out. Thanks.

dx 2/06 @ 41 • stage 3a 4/6+ nodes • er/pr+ her2- • 6 cycles TAC, 32 rads, femara, zometa every 6 months
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