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Topic: Let's Make Support Group for Finding Work

Forum: "Middle Age" 40-60(ish) Years Old With Breast Cancer —

Meet others in this age-range who share similar life issues.

Posted on: Jun 25, 2014 02:28PM

bluepalace wrote:

I ran a search in this group, 'job hunting,' for the past 6 months. Nothing came up.

Are any of you in this age range trying to get back to work? If so, what are doing that works?

I was pushed out at 46. Seven years and 21+ more graduate credits later, I am still trying to get back to work.

It's not a choice--necessity. Disability doesn't cover even the most basic needs. Did the finding help thing again. Always manage to fall through some crack.

The Bottom Line is--I need to work. Part-time, not mornings (chronic pain), not very physical (limitations), and low stress/people contact (PTSD, anxiety).

Had good jobs in past but can't/don't want to do the work anymore. Live in US, with it's serious ageism issues.

A repeat DUI totaled my car in 12/2012 and I will never see restitution. One of my pre-existing conditions that goes back to birth is being unable to stand or walk for long periods of time. Not near bus line. Paratransit system is unpredictable and the pitts.

I am project oriented, many skills and experiences globally. BA Communications, Master of Public Administration (Non Profits), and just finished 4 years of graduate Global, Higher and Adult Ed courses.

Will be moving in late September. Want to go back to area with better job prospects, transportation--west of Philly. But, I can't afford rent in a decent area and I have a dog. Tried the roommate thing. Tried moving to the boonies, where car was wrecked an hour later, and can't deal with alcoholism as a life-style, or no social or intellectual life.

No family. Close friendships ended through deaths, life's changes, or those that couldn't deal with a cancer person.

Many of my past employers went out of business, sold/merged, moved. Most former supervisors for references are at other companies, MIA, or retired. I have a number of written references, letters of thanks or commendation. Is it legal to put them up on my LinkedIn since I cannot get references now?

I don't want to be wealthy. I just want to have do something occasionally, take a vacation, not having to worry about paying rent, eating, etc. Always had medical bills and student loans as albatrosses around my neck.

I can't spend another 46 years like this.

Please, I need to keep my focus now is on job hunting, getting another car, and finding housing right now.

I will share what works, what doesn't. Have LinkedIn profile. Get alerts from professional orgs and Indeed. Major orgs still do advertise in the local newspapers.




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