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Topic: Anyone taking Lucitanib?

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Posted on: Jun 10, 2015 04:39PM

Anticancernursewarrior wrote:

I was dx with IDC in 2006 had a recurrence involving the chest wall in 2011 and was diagnosed with mets to bone and liver in 2013. I have taken Afinitor for over a year and then did the Palbociclib study for three months with progression. Now I'm on the second cycle of Lucitanib, a phase II open labeled study and wanted to find other women who are also in the study so we could be each other's support and resource. I was just placed on Synthroid because my TSH levels were elevated and I was experiencing fatigue and constipation and a slow heart rate. I have a sore tongue and indigestion every day. I will be getting a PET scan this week because my iliosacral area and right hip have increased in soreness and stiffness so we want to make sure that the tumors in this areas are still the same size.

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Jun 10, 2015 08:39PM Moderators wrote:

Hi Warrior-

We want to welcome you to our community here at BCO. We hope you find this to be an informative and supportive place when you need it most.

We're so sorry to hear of the issues you're having. Have you taken a look at our mets forums? You might find some members there to connect with, or other who've been (or currently are) in the same study. You can find that forum here. We also have a forum dedicated to research and clinical trials, there might be a thread there that is of interest to you. That forum can be found here.

We hope you start getting some relief, and that the results from your scan are what you want to see. Let us know if we can help in any way, and again, welcome.

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