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Topic: fluid build up after mastectomy

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Posted on: Sep 20, 2015 05:48PM

kate49bcsurvivor wrote:

hi everyone i am looking for information on a problem i am having with my mastectomy after surgery i went home with a drain tube and after 3 day i went back to the dr office and the removed the drain. after that my breast started filling with fluid i have done everything they have told me to do ice and my wrap over it. it finally got so large it looked like i had my breast back so i went in to my drs office and he proceeded to drain it. it was at least a pint or more then he said to wrap it tight and place something in the pocket were it was filling so i have done this and it is still filing with fluid so i was wondering if any one could tell me anyways to fix this problem and the other thing is i have been using neosporine on the wound and part of it has completly healed but the part were the nipple use to be is just dark and inflamed doest act like infection and the dr said it was ok but can you say ugly so any help there also thank you

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Sep 20, 2015 08:02PM - edited Sep 20, 2015 08:22PM by BarredOwl

Hi kate:

Check your temperature and write it down. Then write down a full description of the appearance of the wound and of the surrounding tissue, including color, pain, swelling -- everything that you see and feel. If you feel it is getting progressively worse, write that down too. Then, call the surgeon's office, read your complete written description to the triage nurse, and indicate your concerns about a possible infection that may need treatment.

If there is a deep tissue infection, a systemic antibiotic would be used (topical over-the-counter neosporin would not be effective).


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Sep 20, 2015 10:22PM glennie19 wrote:

You may also want to take a picture with your phone and update as needed. That way you have earlier pics for comparison. Yes, compression will help with the fluid, but honestly it sounds like he pulled your drain too fast. Usually they want your output to be under 25ml in 24 hours, you sound like you are filling up really fast.

be careful with the ice too. Be sure you are using a towel or something,, do not put the ice directly on your skin. If you are numb, you may not be noticing how cold it is.

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Sep 23, 2015 09:48PM Moderators wrote:

kate49 -- how are you feeling? Has the swelling gotten better?

We're thinking of you! Keep us posted.

--The Mods

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