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Topic: Pros and Cons of Tamoxifen

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Posted on: Dec 28, 2017 07:51AM

llwilson wrote:

I have read and read and read and would love to get someone's opinion on not taking to TAmoxifen. I'm 56, ER+, but my OncaType is 9 and I have just finished my radiation and feel great! I was low risk to begin with and the cancer was very contained. The side effects of Tamoxifen are absolutely terrifying for me. After finally surviving, being happy again, why would I torture my body to lower the risk of reoccurrence. I read someone say they'd rather lose their breasts than their hair. I feel like I finally have my life again, I can start getting the weight off and hiking again. All the possible side effects sounds like it will make life much worse. Looking for someone that is similar age group.

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Sep 6, 2018 07:22AM Frenchgirl63 wrote:

I started Tamoxifen in April of this year, and I have had absolutely no side effects. I am post menopausal, but I can't take Arimidex due to osteoporosis. I am 64 years old

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Apr 5, 2019 10:59AM Allenan wrote:

I am 54. Tolerated Tamoxifen fine. Have been on it for the ladt 6.5 to 7 years. I only noticed a few years ago that i have periodic knee and joint pain. Doc says its arthrithid. You can monitor yourself to see how well you are tolerating it. You may be one of the lucky ones.

Lumpectomy 5/20, Re-excision 6/6 and re-re-excsion 6/24. Chemo 7/17 TC x 4. Faith matures into Trust and I fully exercise my Faith as I go through this journey so I can trust God totally. Dx 4/18/2011, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 2, 0/9 nodes, ER+/PR-, HER2-

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