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Topic: Changes in HER2 status following post-lumpectomy pathology

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Posted on: Sep 11, 2018 07:42PM

Joules44 wrote:

I was diagnosed in March with ER+ PR+ HER2- from biopsy pathology. Lymph nodes were clear, tumor was small. After my lumpectomy in July, my oncologist is now saying that the pathology of the tumor is showing HER2+ with my Oncotype test showing a high chance of cancer returning within the next 10 years. She is puzzled by these results, but said cancer can have different HER results in different parts of the tumor. Has anyone else had this experience? I really want to have a second HER test performed. I'm curious how common this change in pathology is seen and what path was chosen. Thanks!

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Sep 11, 2018 10:12PM Moderators wrote:

Hi Joules44, and welcome to Breastcancer.org,

We're so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but we're really glad you decided to join our Community and post. You're sure to get some good responses here soon, and find lots of support as you navigate this diagnosis.

In the meantime, you may be interested in checking out the main Breastcancer.org site's page on HER2 status, which confirms that there has been some cases where HER2 status has changed, and also mentions the 4 HER2 status tests, which you may want to ask your doctor about.

We hope this helps and we look forward to hearing more from you soon!

--The Mods

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