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Topic: Tamoxifen After BMX for Low-Grade DCIS with Microinvasion?

Forum: DCIS plus HER2-positive Microinvasion —

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Posted on: Jul 25, 2019 07:49AM - edited Jul 25, 2019 07:51AM by mzfrizzle

mzfrizzle wrote:

I'm currently three weeks post bilateral mastectomy. My pathology reports shows 3 areas of ER+/PR+ HER- grade 1 micro-invasion. DCIS was grade 1/2 and I had no lymph node involvement or evidence of angiolymphatic invasion. I'm 29 years old, so looking to ensure the best long-term outcome.

My oncologists have indicated that tamoxifen in this situation is a consideration, not a recommendation and the specialist I went to see said that the side effects would not likely outweigh the benefits in my situation and said she felt it would be over-treatment. They predict that I have a less than 5% chance of distant recurrence and that tamoxifen would minimally move the needle in terms of benefit. Essentially, they seem to be suggesting that if I am going to have a recurrence, tamoxifen is just as likely to not make a difference as to be helpful, with potentially no increase in overall survival.

Are there folks out there who have had a similar DX and not taken tamoxifen? I trust my doctors, but am still processing the idea of not taking Tamoxifen, as I fully anticipated it would be highly encouraged.

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Jul 25, 2019 10:13AM Beesie wrote:

Answered in reply to your other post here: https://community.breastcancer.org/forum/27/topics/872613?page=1&post_creation=true#post_5430632


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