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Topic: BRCA 1+ After Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis (41 yrs). London On?

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Posted on: Aug 2, 2019 01:49PM

collegal wrote:

Hi Ladies!

Just found this forum and hoping to get some insight. Quick history: Went in for Hysterectomy for prolapse issues in February, and total shock to find Pathology came back with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer. Had to do additional surgery and was tested for BRCA mutations. Just found out I am BRCA 1 positive. Genetics counsellor says my risk of Breast Cancer is 87% according to newest research. I have 2 rounds of Chemo to finish, and then I will be looking at doing a Preventative Mastectomy to slash my BC risk.

I am currently being treated in London, Ontario (live in Windsor, Ontario) and looks like I will be referred to Dr. Muriel Brackstone in London. I haven't had a chance to research anything yet.. but just dipping into it now. I know that I do not want Implants, but will be looking into the DIEP style procedures vs just staying flat. I'm 41, so not sure what my best options are.

Would love to hear from you regarding your experience surgeons in London vs Toronto, and Dr. Brackstone specifically if anyone has had her?

Feb 2019 - Ovarian Cancer, Stage 1C, Grade 3. Complete Hysterectomy; JULY 2019 - BRCA 1 Positive - Referred for Preventative Double Mastectomy
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Aug 2, 2019 02:14PM Moderators wrote:

Dear collegal,

Welcome to the BCO community. We are sorry that your current situation has brought you here. We are glad that you found us and have reached out. You may want to check out the Canadians with Breast Cancer forum. While you do not have breast cancer you may find some helpful information there. Let us know how we can be of help.

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