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Posted on: Jul 30, 2010 09:12AM

Posted on: Jul 30, 2010 09:12AM

cp418 wrote:

Do you mind me asking what health care provider you are using through your employer?

I work for a small company (NJ) and they were just notified by BCBS the rates would be increased by 30%.  This amounts to $35,000 per month and my employer has already changed options with them in the past to accomodate increases.  Now we have no choice but to search for another carrier.  He is contacting his employees to check for coverage under  AmeriHealth of Philadelphia.  Anyone use them and are you satisfied with your coverage?  Other insurance carrier suggestions???

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Jul 30, 2010 11:24AM - edited Jul 30, 2010 11:35AM by Medigal

Sorry cp418 but this is exactly what people like myself were trying to warn  dumba.s reps in Washington would happen if they went with Obama's Healthcare Reform!  All the GOOD things the reform was to bring about are already backfiring on us and they were warned it was going to cause havoc for employees of small companies who would have to face exactly what your company is facing with BCBS increasing their rates. "If you like your healthcare you can keep it" was one of Obama's dedications to us and that was a total LIE!  How can you keep it if your company can't afford the increase in premiums?  I don't recall anything in the bill stopping companies like BCBS from raising rates!   I, personally, am terrified of what is going to happen now to our employer based healthcare benefits and people with chronic conditions who rely on that insurance to stay insured.  I do hope your company can find another provider they can afford.

If this keeps up Obama will have ALL people with chronic health conditions on MEDICAID.  Oh but that won't work because our bankrupted country can barely cover the ones on it now!  Washington is filled with people who seem to know how to take care of themselves but too stupid to find ways to help the American people!!  They needed to "reform" their greedy selves before trying to take on healthcare reform. 

Has your company tried Cigna, United Healthcare,Aetna, or any of the other big ones to see if they, too, are raising rates?  Bigger companies "might" be able to handle the higher rates but Washington was warned they were causing this type of havoc for small companies and they JUST DID NOT CARE!!   

I cannot believe Washington including Obama could be so stupid as to think they could put new rules on healthcare companies without the companies fighting back with HIGHER RATES!!!   I guess one has to be brain dead to be a rep in Washington because sanity does not play a part in their decisions, in my opinion.  Do hope your company finds a healthcare insurer they can afford.

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Jul 30, 2010 11:57AM cp418 wrote:

What I don't understand is why the CEOs of these Health Insuance companies are getting over $9 million dollars in bonuses???   My guess is the incerased rates are paying for thier bonuses instead of better health care coverage.  This sounds like the same nonsense that occurred on Wall Street with the Finance CEOs and staff getting multi-million dollar bonuses.  IMO this is corruption and they are getting away with it.

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Jul 30, 2010 12:00PM cp418 wrote:

List of the worse.

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Jul 30, 2010 12:01PM cp418 wrote:

list of the best

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Aug 7, 2010 08:37PM otter wrote:

Watch out:  those links are a mix of apples and oranges. 

The first list includes companies that offer homeowner's insurance, life insurance, car insurance, disability insurance, etc. -- not necessarily health insurance.  (A few on the list do sell health insurance.)

The second list was compiled by a different media source, using different assessment criteria.  Most of the "best" health insurance companies on that list are very small, local ones that would not be available to people outside that geographic area.  It is interesting to note how many of the companies on the "best" list (which actually contains several different lists) are classified as "HMO's".

I can't help with the original question, because my group health plan is administered by our state's version of Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  They (BC/BS) have a near-monopoly on the group plans in this state, but, amazingly, they do a very good job at a reasonable price.  Our costs are going up in October 2010 (premiums, co-pays, deductibles), but the plan is still much better than others I've read about.


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Aug 8, 2010 04:58AM lvtwoqlt wrote:

My husband's company insurance is bcbs and they were notified of a 30% increase. They went to another agent who was able to change the mix in the policy and able to get the insurance without a mark-up in premiums. I have carried the insurance for years because my premiums were cheaper and better coverage with BCBS but my job is phasing out and I am being forced to go on my husband's policy with higher premiums and higher costs for visiting the doctor.

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Aug 19, 2010 02:07PM ShirleyHughes wrote:

cp418, that just sucks. 

I've been hearing that insurance companies are raising their rates.  I can tell you from reading about what one person has been going not get Humana.

The insurance companies are going up because they want to take advantage of this while they can before the "change."  When no one read this HC Bill, what does one expect.  As Nancy Pelosi said, We,ll have to pass the health care bill to know what's in it. 

My husband worked for BellSouth and had BCBS with them.  It was excellent.  Then, about three years ago after AT&T bought out Bell, we were changed to UnitedHealth.  It's not horrible, but different from what we had....had to get used to it.  They are self insured.  However, with the new HC bill we may lose our prescription benefit because of one of the loopholes that will end and cost At&T $1 billion. 

On another thread, I just read where a friend wrote about another friend that her friend is on Medicaid and they denied coverage for a PET scan.  That's government run health care.  I don't want it.  Someone on that thread said, unfortunately Medicaid has been denying a lot lately.  Is that a peek into what is coming?

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Aug 19, 2010 02:15PM Medigal wrote:

Shirley:  What do you know about Humana.  Are you referring to their Medicare Advantage Plans? We have been with them for several years and frankly except for their horrendous customer service reps, we have not had a problem.  However, I always call them to verify if any doctor or facility we use is "in network" etc. 

We are expecting their rates to go up at the end of this year since the government has taken a lot of the funds for the Advantage plans away.  If all the thousands of us who are on Advantage Plans decide to just use regular Medicare, it will be a nightmare for us and the government!  But we know the government doesn't think about problems until it crashes down on "us"!

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Aug 19, 2010 02:25PM cmksocal wrote:

Well BCBS attempted to raise rates 35% in CA months before the legislation was passed so to suggest a cause-effect relationship is ill advised. 


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Aug 19, 2010 02:30PM - edited Aug 19, 2010 02:31PM by dlb823

cp ~ I love, love, love CIGNA.  Not only do they pay extremely fast, but they seem to have some of the best discounts and negotiated rates I've ever seen.  And if you have to call them, it's easy to reach a pleasant, helpful, intelligent human being, and they have an easy-to-navigate website where our records are always up-to-date.  They also actively promote wellness and give you credit for all sorts of wellness programs.  I feel so fortunate to have CIGNA through my DH's work!  After having BCBS for many years, CIGNA is a breath of fresh air!     Deanna

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