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Posted on: Aug 12, 2010 03:49PM

Posted on: Aug 12, 2010 03:49PM

calamtykel wrote:

Got a whopping bill from my surgeon.  "Please pay within 30 days"  I laughed out loud.  Unfortunately we have a VERY high deductible.  And the hospital bills are now rolling in too.

I feel as if I have the wrong attitude, but none of these places are getting their payments ANYTIME soon.  We've had a significant loss of income when my husband's employer cut his overtime; and I had to take time off from working on line.  The old saying about not getting blood from a stone holds true here.....

anyone have any suggestions?   I looked into "copay" assistance but that's only for chemo treatments.  Are there places that help with prescription drugs (that's coming -with the chemo) and surgery and hospital bills? 

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Aug 12, 2010 06:56PM cathmg wrote:

Hi Calamtykel,

I have no words of wisdom, just wanted to commiserate. My husband and I have high deductibles ($3500 each) and have met them this year, and I have outstanding dental bills and bills from the plastic surgeon. A new bill for my dh's colonoscopy came in today-all while we are sending our daughter off to her first year of college ($$$$$$). I don't know how we'll cover it all. My plan is to send in partial payment on each bill.

Next year our deductibles go up to $4000. I told my husband that we can't get sick.

Best wishes,


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Aug 12, 2010 07:25PM gale1525 wrote:

You need get them to take a payment plan. I used the for co-payments. Good Luck

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Aug 12, 2010 07:36PM patoo wrote:

Stress kills and then they won't get paid at all!  Do what you can with a payment plan.  From the little I know, as long as you make a regular payment each month, no matter how small, it will help to not totally kill your credit rating, so get them to work with you.  If they don't and you have to declare bankrupcy they, again, won't get paid so it's in their best interest to work with you.  Check lluistro's resource.

Best of luck (and you already know to whom you belong!)

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Aug 12, 2010 07:52PM revkat wrote:

Many hospitals have funds available to cut the charges for those with financial need. Never hurts to ask. I had a friend with a high deductible policy who had an ectopic pregnancy. Her husband met with someone from the hospital and they basically cut the charges in half. And they they paid it a bit at a time.

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Aug 12, 2010 10:33PM ibcmets wrote:

I have a patient advocate who provided me a small pamplet "Managing the Cost of Cancer Care" from  I think it was written or supported by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.  There's lots of financial resources in it & phone numbers from,,,,, & so many others.  I would contact them for a copy.  Good Luck finding assistance.


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Aug 16, 2010 07:37PM gale1525 wrote:

Try to see if you can get Hill-Burton funds 1-800 638-0742.

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Aug 22, 2010 09:14PM ShirleyHughes wrote:

revkat is right.  Check with your hospital.  Tell them you do not have the money to pay the bill/s.  People donate to hospitals and also they get government grants.  They will send you something to fill out if they have a program to help you.  Also, most hospitals do not mind setting up payments IF you can make those payments. 

Good luck. 

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Aug 23, 2010 11:10AM lovemygarden wrote:

And in some states (NY is one but I don't know about others) hospitals are REQUIRED to give you a payment plan if you ask them for one, whether you qualify for any financial aid or not; they cannot legally refuse. And there may be a limit to how much interest they can charge (if any) on such a payment plan.

However, in NY that "must give a payment plan" law only applies to bills sent directly to the patient from a hospital; individual doctors, practices, labs, etc are not required to set up payment plans.

YMWV depending on what state you live in. 

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Aug 23, 2010 11:14AM PauldingMom wrote:

Contact your hospital where you had the surgery. Most hospital, if not all, offer help if you qualify. 
I had double coverage from outside agencies with chemo.Money mouth but couldn't find anyone to help with raditation or surgery. I finally got approved by the hospital which opened up doors on down the line. One year after and I've almost got everyone paid off. Of course this means our deductible is due againFoot in mouth
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