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Posted on: Oct 10, 2010 07:52AM

Posted on: Oct 10, 2010 07:52AM

Twiceasnice wrote:


Once you receive SSDI, does anyone know what if any role your docs play? Here's why I ask...

I just started receiving my SSDI checks in July, 2010 after chemo ended but before rads began. Midway through chemo, following some rough patches and reactions to treatment, I relocated from the East Coast back to the Midwest to live with my family for treatment (and work with some great doctors here). I was self employed, living alone and it was hard to manage. I was thankful for SSDI (though the 5-month wait was kind of a drag!). I was stage 3c.

Now I'm done with rads and am just awaiting recon surgery. I receive SSDI until October 2011 (why so long, I don't know). I am starting to put my life back together--either build my business remotely until I move back East.  Or maybe just find a job for the next couple of years as a safety net. But this takes some time. 

 At my last doctor visit this week, the nurses asked a LOT of questions.  How was I feeling? When was i moving back? What about work? Oh, you're working out already? The questions started to make me wonder if they were asking due to SSDI. 

 a) doctors offices don't know if a patient receives SSDI do they? I am treated at a very large facility, and the records office sent my materials to SSDI during the app process...

b) can doctors  get involved with Soc Sec once you start receiving the money?can they tell Soc Sec that I should go back to work now?

 I was under the assumption that docs and Soc Sec didn't really interface directly. I have nothing to feel bad about in my mind, but the questions this week got me wondering...

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Oct 10, 2010 05:15PM lauri wrote:

Can't answer about Social Security disability, but when I was getting State short-term disability my doctor had to recertify that I couldn't work.    But the doctors' questions sound like what they always ask...

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Mar 25, 2011 09:38AM geocachelinda wrote:

I have applied for SSD also and was told I don't need to see a regular Dr. for an exam.  I also have Stage 3C and am beginning treatment next month.  I also applied due to depression/anxiety issues.  I'm really stressed out wondering if I am going to get it.  We have income of only $100 a week right now!

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Apr 12, 2011 07:33PM Chickadee wrote:

Doctors input, primarily medical records, are only requested initially or when it is review time.  When you started receiveing SSDI you should have received information about how many years would pass before they would request additional medical records to justify continuing SSDI. If you are earning an income again you are supposed to report the earnings.  That is also part of the consideration.  There is a lot of information on  They don't seek input from your medical team until review time and you would have received a document in the mail advising you of this and requesting additional information on your current status.

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