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Posted on: Aug 3, 2016 05:18PM

Posted on: Aug 3, 2016 05:18PM

wifessupport wrote:

Hi All,

Currently My wife , mykids and I are on my wife's medical insurance plan through her company. However starting December, that will end as she is going to be switched to Medicare as she is on disability. I can switch her to my employer's insurance. However, my question is can she have both medicare and a private insurance through my employer.

What are the logistics behind this?


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Aug 3, 2016 06:28PM LisaAlissa wrote:

Yes. One of the coverages will be primary (first payor) and the other secondary (second payor). Which is which depends on a lot of different things. Generally Medicare doesn't pick up all costs, and you'll want another policy to deal with the balance.

You may want to discuss with your HR department (if there is one...). You also want to talk with someone who is familiar with the rules in your state for insurance policies. You might want to talk with the social worker/cancer navigator/financial counselor where your wife gets her treatment. You might also want to talk with your state insurance department for referrals to the type of person who can provide that sort of advice to you in your state.

BTW, some employers self-fund their health insurance. Notwithstanding privacy rules, it can become very obvious who is the source of high-dollar claims under a self-funded health insurance plan, if your company is a small to medium size entity.



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Aug 4, 2016 05:45PM edwards750 wrote:

You can because I do. My primary is BC/BS through my husband's job and my secondary is Medicare.


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Aug 7, 2016 03:52PM pajim wrote:

Yes. My husband is on my insurance and on medicare. When he turned 65 the insurance company required him to sign up for Medicare.

He gets all the benefits of my company's insurance. I have no idea who pays for what, but I imagine Medicare pays for some.

You need to talk with your HR department -- particularly to someone you trust there -- and read all the paperwork very carefully.

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