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Posted on: Apr 21, 2017 03:46PM

Posted on: Apr 21, 2017 03:46PM

eellek wrote:

I received a certified mail yesterday from the municipal court here. It's a summons for a medical bill that I thought was covered under the financial assistance thru the hospital. I was diagnosed in 2015... thought this was taken care of since I sent the Award letter from the hospital to the company... now I find out  I have to go to court. I am so upset, frustrated, stressed. I go for my mammogram in 2 weeks, so my nerves are shot.... I am stressed out completely because its that time of year again... and then this !

If you know of any resources or assistance please let me know.

if you been thru this please reach out and let me know what has happened.!

Thank You


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May 5, 2017 06:24PM kicks wrote:

It seems odd that they didn't contact you about the bill they say you owe before filing in Court. But then 'odd things' do happen at times.

I ran into a problem when they first started using Veterans Choice for some of the out sourced appts. The first time my annual mammo was out sourced to VC instead of straight from VA as had been done for years, about 3 mths after it I started getting bills from the accounting office for the Group that the Radiology Clinic I go to is in, saying I owed for it - wrong. I had turned in (and still had copies of) my voucher/approval letter. Apparently, Veterans Choice didn't have a very good program set up for paying when Veterans Choice was starting up. It took about 9 mths to get it straightened out and paid. I was never threatened by the accounting office or told to pay them - they just said that they had to mail the bill to me until VC paid it -they had the paper work that authorized it and they would be refiling with them every month til they paid. So I'd call them every time I got a bill in the mail - they were always very nice and then call VC and raise Hades with them.. It was fiinally paid. I was outsourced to VC for a Retina Specialist but the Specialist I want to see (my fantastic Dr passed away) will not take patients who have VC because VC was so bad about not paying when it first started up. I've heard of a lot of people who have had issues with VC - most worse than mine.

Have you talked to the Patient Affairs or Patient Advocate at the Hospital about the authorization? Or the Patient Affairs/Advocate at the Offices that are a problem? State/County Medical Board? Your local State Senator or Representative? Can't hurt to talk to anyone that might be able to give some assistance.

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