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Topic: Insurance and divorce

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Posted on: Sep 21, 2019 04:33PM

grayskies wrote:

I put my divorce on hold because I currently need my insurance that is provided through my husband's work.

Will I ever be able to divorce him? What about getting new insurance with this preexisting condition? Will I have to stay married to him forever?

I don't know what to do or how to handle this situation.

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Sep 21, 2019 04:51PM MelissaDallas wrote:

You can request COBRA from your husband’s plan at divorce. Usually you will be required to pay the premium unless the two of you make another agreement in your divorce decree

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Sep 21, 2019 05:16PM SimoneRC wrote:

COBRA coverage is available for 18 months. You can get a plan through the ACA that cannot exclude you for pre existing conditions. The rates are set by plan type and your age. You can do a google search for your state to see the rates and plans. Sorry you are in this position.

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Sep 21, 2019 06:31PM - edited Sep 21, 2019 06:31PM by Yogatyme

OK, yikes!! What a dilemma!! The pre- existing condition is not an issue if you are on an ACA (Obamacare) policy but I think it can be w other plans, but I'm not sure. Trying to make a decision about divorce is hard enough without having the additional burdens of insurance coverage and breast cancer care. These situations are good examples of how we could benefit from a national health plan. I know others say your care is delayed in countries that have healthcare plans, but friends from Canada and family in Sweden say they do not have problems getting care in a timely manner. I think you are wise to remain married at least until you get better clarification about healthcare.

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Sep 21, 2019 06:48PM Spookiesmom wrote:

If you have a lawyer now, ask them. They know, or should, if keeping you on his insurance can be done, for how long, cost, etc.

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Sep 21, 2019 08:16PM grayskies wrote:

Thanks for the ideas, everyone. I appreciate your input.

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Sep 22, 2019 03:40AM edwards750 wrote:

Consults with an attorney is typically free so I would get legal advice. It is a big deal because the medical bills can be pretty high even with insurance depending on your deductible. Ours was $5k, however, we met that deductible in 3 months and then we had 100% coverage. That saved us financially because I had 33 radiation treatments that were not cheap.

Cobra is expensive too.

Good luck!


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