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Posted on: Oct 11, 2020 01:58PM

Posted on: Oct 11, 2020 01:58PM

Lilir wrote:

I have it made.....My diagnosis has me possibly returning to work within the FMLA period. I have enough hours saved. I also pay for short and long term disability. My job will also hold my position for 6 months if necessary. Great insurance. Great salary... Then.....

As if getting told you have cancer is not bad enough, my employer hires a company named Matrix to handle my leave. It requires my doctors to fill out a somewhat lengthy paper for me to be approved for FMLA.....

Surgeon says no problem. I understand. We will fill out the paperwork.... GREAT!!! I am set..... no problem.

Until I talk to the lady who fills it out.... Oh... We don't fill that out because you plastic surgeon will have you be absent more than we do. Plastic surgeon office. Oh.... we don't fill it out because surgeon is your primary care giver.

I call lady at surgeon office. OK, I will fill it out....

Next day, multiple e-mails from employer. You can and will be terminated if you don't comply with this paperwork....

Cancer hell has morphed into paperwork hell...

Anyone know what my rights are? Who is responsible for this paperwork? Do I need to resign before I am fired if these people refuse to fill this out?

Any guidance is appreciated.

I am loosing my mind.... My whole security is being challenged.... This AND Cancer... Seriously?

Thx in advance.

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Nov 12, 2020 07:23AM nancyhb wrote:

It’s great to hear you got that all resolved! It’s so complicated and confusing, and a lot of work to deal with when you’re primary concern is focused on cancer treatment. I hope your surgery was smooth and your recovery is easy and without complications.

FMLA is a federal law for job protection, however employers may have additional options, too - I second your suggestion to research and know your HR policies. I was also entitled to 6 months off from my job, however my employer let me know they weren’t required to bring me back to my previous position after FMLA expired at 12 weeks. It’s why I worked so hard to get back within that 12-week timeframe, because I enjoyed my job and didn’t want to be bumped somewhere else. It’s just worth noting that here, for anyone else who comes along later.
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