Topic: Podcast: Breast Cancer, a CEO, & a New Nonhormonal Birth Control

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Posted on: Jun 26, 2021 10:58AM

Posted on: Jun 26, 2021 10:58AM

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Breast Cancer, a CEO, and a New Nonhormonal Birth Control

June 25, 2021

Saundra pelletier head shot

Saundra Pelletier is the CEO and founder of Evofem Biosciences. Saundra was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer while her company was conducting phase III clinical trials on Phexxi, a nonhormonal contraceptive gel for women. She describes herself as a mother, daughter, CEO, and trailblazer. She has more than two decades of experience of executive leadership at companies and nonprofits focusing on women's health.

Listen to the episode to hear Saundra discuss:

  • how she led her company without taking a leave of absence while being treated for breast cancer
  • how breast cancer changed her
  • how Phexxi, a nonhormonal birth control gel, was developed, how it works, and why it's safe for women who've been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • her advice for women who've just been diagnosed with breast cancer

Running time: 47:05

Listen now or read the transcript.

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