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Topic: Shopping in October for Breastcancer.org

Forum: Fundraising Opportunities for Breastcancer.org — Help support our organization, Breastcancer.org! Please note, this is NOT a forum for fundraising for other organizations.

Posted on: Oct 22, 2018 05:22PM

Moderators wrote:

As most of you know, throughout the month of October, breast cancer nonprofits including Breastcancer.organd businesses team up to sell products that support awareness, education, and research initiatives. We know during this time of the year there are a ton of ways to give back to different breast cancer non-profits, so we hope that you will check out the unique products that support Breastcancer.org.

If you're shopping for the holidays or looking for something special during this time, we'd greatly appreciate you considering our partners' products, which will directly support our organization. Thank you!

Shop for Breastcancer.org and also on Charity Buzz.

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