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Topic: jaw necrosis: prolia less bad than fosamax?

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Posted on: May 24, 2017 09:05AM

peggy_j wrote:

I saw my oral surgeon yesterday for a consultation. (he's the head of the oral surgery dept at a dental school).

He said Prolia has less risk of jaw necrosis than Fosamax. He still dis-recommends both for me, but said if I am forced to take something for my osteoporosis, Prolia is less bad and "at least it can be reversed." (I wish I had asked more about that last statement). FYI in case anyone wants to research this or ask your own DDS.

BTW, he said that osteoporosis doesn't typically effect jaw bones or create dental issues (though the treatment drugs can).

And, incidentally, he said that the technology of implants is continuing to get better and better. He gave me one more than 5 years ago. He said they are better today and he expects they will be even better in two years. Apparently the implant manufacturers are putting special surface materials on the implant which helps them integrate better into the bone, and integrate faster.

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May 25, 2017 06:13PM Emily2008 wrote:

This is good to read as I started Prolia in January.

Before my first shot I saw my dentist to verify that everything looked good and no dental work was needed. As I was preparing for that appointment and reading about Prolia,I found that it's not considered a bisphosphonate. I believe that's what it said in the literature. So it must be a different class of drug, and maybe that's why it doesn't have the same sort of SE that Fosamax does?

Regardless, I'll take it as good news!

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