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Topic: Vitamins for osteoporosis

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Posted on: May 7, 2018 07:04AM

zohra wrote:

Hi ,

What are good vitamins for osteoporosis?

My mom is taking Armedix and for arthritis she is taking prednisone, Leflunomide.

I just got for her Calcium 1000 mg , magnesium 500 mg K2 100 mcg and Vitamin D 3 5000 mg.

Is there any other vitamins that she has to take?

I am trying she can get calcium from foods but still I want she take calcium supplements as well.

Any recommendation for any other vitamin which is good for osteoporosis?

How much K2 is important ?

Thanks for always being helpful.

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May 8, 2018 12:49AM keepthefaith wrote:

I have OP also. My bone density report showed recommendations on how much calcium and Vit D to take. I would suggest she get her Vit D level checked, if she has not already. I am not aware of any other OTC supplements, but will follow the thread, bc I am curious, too! FYI, Arimidex may cause more bone loss...I took Tamoxifen instead of an AI for that reason. Best wishes to you and your Mom.

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May 9, 2018 04:29PM - edited May 9, 2018 05:05PM by Icietla

Hi Zohra. I am so sorry for what is going on with your Mom. I hope you can get her to feeling much better.

I am also on an aromatase inhibitor, Letrozole. There have been long times when it has caused aching and stiffness along my thigh and hip area on one side. I also have arthritis in my lumbar spine, found from imaging after a bad fall several years ago. It has not given me trouble yet.

Because I am on an aromatase inhibitor, my Oncologist requires a daily minimum of 1200 mg. Calcium and also a daily minimum of 800 i.u. Vitamin D. I had already been taking that much for some fifteen years before my cancer diagnosis. Since my Letrozole treatment started, I have been taking daily either three tablets of 500 mg. Calcium combined with 400 i.u. Vitamin D or three tablets of 600 mg. Calcium combined with 800 i.u. Vitamin D, besides what is in my daily Multivitamin with Iron.

If I recall correctly, somewhere on BCO I have read that Calcium supplements should not be taken with tea.

Osteopenia was diagnosed from my recent Dexa Scan, and I was then started on Prolia, an injection to be administered every six months. [The same medicine that is known as Prolia can be administered as a monthly injection regimen known as Xgeva. It is a painless subcutaneous injection.] I have since been taking three times daily the 600 mg. Calcium combined with 800 i.u. Vitamin D, besides what is in my daily Multivitamin with Iron. I also let sunshine fall on my feet for a little time every sunny day, in hopes of getting more Vitamin D that way.

I have also been eating Brussels sprouts and spinach more often since. I get fresh spinach, pull off the stems and central leaf veins, and add the leafy parts to vegetable soups. I know we need Vitamin K for our bone health, but I do not know how much is adequate for our bone health purposes, and I am dreadful of having too much of it because cancer patients have increased risk for abnormal blood clotting.

Is your Mom using any mobility aids/appliances for her safety -- to help prevent falls? Even for more active persons who can get to hurting too much from activity, there is another possible benefit -- some of those appliances can make a lot of difference as to one's dis/comfort.

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May 9, 2018 07:37PM bluepearl wrote:

You want to remember that magnesium "instructs" where calcium is to go......to the bones and NOT to the arteries or elsewhere. It is easily depleted by TOO much calcium, stress, medications, poor diet. 1000 of calcium would be enough and vitamin D is good. I would up the magnesium to 600mg and be sure it is the highly absorbable kind or else it is waste. Walking would also help her build up more bone tissue.

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May 16, 2018 05:55AM gkbuser wrote:

iceitla, it is vitamine K2 that we need for our bone health (not vitamin K) it is vitamin K that effects blood clotting. Vitamin K2 does not effect blood clotting at all. Hope this helps.

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May 18, 2018 09:16PM Icietla wrote:

Thank you very much for that, gkbuser. I have no background in Chemistry, and the only blood-and-guts class I have had was First Aid.

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May 22, 2018 07:50PM NicolaSue wrote:

I'm newly bothered about my bones as I've only recently started having DEXA bone density scans and I'm firmly in the osteopenia range so I'm about to start self medication.

I've head that one form of magnesium is much better than another. Anyone know which is the right one?

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