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Topic: Breaking Bones after Chemo and Radiation

Forum: Bone Health and Bone Loss —

Talk with others about bone density, osteopenia and osteoporosis, and ways to keep your bones strong

Posted on: Sep 10, 2018 06:47AM

AleciaS1 wrote:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. I was treated with chemo and radiation. No bone density scan after treatment. I started exercising when I broke my right femur. A rod was placed in my leg and PT. I started exercising again and broke my left femur. At this point a bone density scan was done and it came back with osteopenia. I had a rod placed in my leg. I kept walking with a limp and after reviewing several of the scans, it was determined I have a chronic pelvic fracture. After several doctors, one figured out my bones were not retaining calcium and phosphorus. I was a day away from parathyroid surgery when one doctor stated it's osteomalacia. I have been taking 11 pills a day. My scores went down and I finally was able to stop walking without crutches after a year. Now all of a sudden, my scores went back up and I am starting to have bone pain again. Has anyone had this type of experience and if so, did any type of treatments help? I experienced bone pain for over a year and would hate for it to start again.


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Sep 10, 2018 09:48AM edwards750 wrote:

I haven’t experienced what you have - so sorry - but I do have osteoporosis. I’ve had days when it’s really painful when I sit or lay down. I bought a donut pillow and it helps. I take calcium, Vit D and Bomiva(1xmonth). I do have those scans every 2 years. I had osteopenia before I was DX 7 years ago. I try to eat calcium rich foods and am pretty active but still have occasional pain. I even went to a chiropractor.

Hopefully someone on this forum can offer some sage advice.


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