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Posted on: May 8, 2016 07:24AM

A_Guy wrote:

I have been reading story after story, including scientific ones, about how MMJ can make a HUGE difference. I believe it can, and it's legal here in Colorado.

My girlfriend has stage four breast cancer. She is not doing well. She has tried a bunch of chemos, but nothing works. We have just heard about MMJ oil, and bought some. It is a 12-1 CBD:THC tincture. I hired an MMJ consultant, and she suggested that we instead use 1:1 CBD:THC. She said the stuff that we had bought won't do anything - there needs to be more THC in the mix.

MY GF has a temporary card, but that won't let us buy on MMJ weekends. No places that we have called have the 1:1 tincture. But we can buy one of each and mix them.

This is hugely frustrating. Plus, you have to have the right ratios for the right cancer, according to what I read. My consultant said it doesn't matter. Then the is Simpson's oil, to add to the mix.

So much confusion, and time is going by. We don't know what ratios we need. Any suggestions?


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Feb 17, 2017 01:29PM - edited Feb 17, 2017 01:35PM by Krish17

Hi all, it feels great to see all of you so kind and supportive. I have my mother suffering from breast cancer Stage IV Mets. Pardon my writeup since i am not much into the medical terms and still a bay here. I am writing my families experience here with a hope to get some feedback and suggestions.

She was diagnosed with mets in chest,lungs,throat & adrenal gland when we first knew of it and she was on chemotherapy the first time. Results were very good after Chemo and the throat and adrenal gland showed no trace after that. Breast cancer tumor decreased in size and lung cancer cells showed not much activity after Chemo. Then the oncologist suggested Herceptin (Once started has to be taken for 18 times with a gap of 3 weeks/ dosage).First 6 dosages of herceptin were happy days for us. then we had the LV Disfunction (Left Ventruculum of heart not functioning as expected) and OC said it's a side effect of herceptin (when i say herceptin, she was given this Trastuzumab Injection 440mg). Then we had to stop herceptin for time being . In November, the cancer peeked into Brain. and we have to go through Radiation as the tumor was 33*26 in size. That's when we came to know that this Trastuzumab medicine, won't reach brain because of the Blood Brain Barrier, which won't allow any other chemical to get into it. We had to get the Radiation therapy for the Brain tumor and the tumor reduced to 14*12 now which is some good news. We did try Xeloda since Trastuzumab Injection is having an impact on heart and that's the worst time my mother had to go through. she was not able to eat, sleep and was hospitalized for 10 days and had to feed her through selines and she stood back on her legs after 10 days. Even though using Xeloda we had very good response in keeping cancer cells weak, we had to see the worst days of treatment in my mother's case. So OC suggested back on to Trastuzumab Injection which was working fine earlier. Now she had Trastuzumab Injection again 2 weeks back and for the past 1 week, she is having full of drowsiness and sleep all day and n8. she hardly is able to sit in her chair for about 1 to 1.5 hr/ day and the rest she is lying on her bed. OC says could be because she has thyroid and we had her tested and the reports are negative. so not sure what's going inside her.

Now that we have tried all options, we wanted to try THC:CBD or RSO.I did read lot of positive vibes using these from @Lita57, @Nan812. I did a lot of research online and did see lot of videos from Rick Simpson saying that Low CBD and High THC has worked in most of the cases. Although, Cancer cells are unique in each and every single patient and the treatment varies from person to person, i want to try with this for my mother to start with. Please advise, i want my mother to have some quality life if not years at least for rest of the months she has. You all ROCK and thank you every one for sharing all your experiences.

Dx 3/3/2016, Left, Stage IV, metastasized to brain/lungs/other, Grade 3, HER2+ Chemotherapy 3/13/2016 Radiation Therapy 11/4/2016
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Feb 17, 2017 03:44PM Nan812 wrote:

hi Krish, I'm so sorry your family is going thru this right now...I know how heartbreaking this is. Many on here are using MM (medical marijuana) for sleep issues and other side effects from the poison that saves our lives and it works exceptionally well for that. I have been using RSO to help hold back my cancer since I was DX. This may be a coincidence but I have surprised my MO and my RO with how long I have been off chemo (11-2015 last dose)...I really hope it lasts, I've had a good run :) the formulation that works for me is 3/4 part indica THC Rick Simpson Oil to 1/4 CBD oil from MM (not rope hemp) taken together the CBD will prevent you from feeling as buzzed as the THC alone. CBD alone helps a lot with pain among other things. Together they work for me. Speak with someone who knows their stuff and remember to always start out VERY small ( half a grain of rice ) wait at least 2 hours for any effects ( it's happened to me ). So if nothing else there is a laundry list of side effects that will be greatly eased by responsible use and I wish you all the luck. I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have :)

DX03/13/15 50yo ,stg4 TN,BRAC1+primary both breast + lymph.Mets2 lungs,bones ,adrenal gland, brain.8mo chemo, Abraxane1st / Cytoxan/doxorubicin, gammaknife 5 brain tumors 2015. Gammaknife 1 brain tumor, Rad/adrenal 2016.

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