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Topic: My choice--refusing treatment

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Posted on: Jan 25, 2017 05:04AM - edited Jan 28, 2017 04:30PM by Monetswaterlillies

Monetswaterlillies wrote:

Hi everyone,

My post won't be too popular but I'm entitled to feel the way I do--to fight cancer or not. Im 50 and recently dx with IDC. Clinical staging is in the works but regardless of the results, I just don't care to treat it. I have my reasons, and would like to talk with others who feel similar feelings.

Thanks so much, everyone.

Dx 1/20/2017, IDC, Right, Grade 1, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Aug 10, 2018 09:51AM 1redgirl wrote:

it seems the overall consensus is that if lymph node involment in early stage bc is absent, the odds of being alive 5 years from now is around 90 percent. That seems reasonable. It drops to about 70 percent if lymph node involvement is present. It gets trickier due to grade of cancer and a host of other issues that could influence outcome. My issue has always been quality of life that is NOT measured by stats.

I have always been a very active person. NOT athletic IMO, but physical. I always want to push the limits refusing to consider age. I push myself. I like to sweat. If I could no longer be this physical, which someday will be true, I am done then. Everybody on this board by now, has read my love of horses. I had to put down my beautiful mare of 22 yrs a few months ago. It is terrible to make such a decision. My girl was an exceptional horse with 17 stake winners in her pedigree. She was gorgeous. She could move like no other horse I have seen. Fast and unbelievably agile. In the last year, she lost that due to Lymes disease, arthritis and a pasture accident due to age. She became deeply depressed. She lived to run fast everyday. A little wind under tail and she was off. Last winter was horrid. At the end, she refused water for the last few months unless I stood with her to beg her to drink. She would then comply. She wanted to go. I just refused to let her go. I had several vets come and give me advice. Finally my vet, a friend, came and we both just stared at each other. We both knew she was done. My vet did not want to put her down, because she still looked so healthy. Could ‘t we save her? We both knew standing in a stall to rehab was not how a horse should live. Not this girl that wanted to run. She was too injured to be out at Liberty. She would probably never recover. My girl wanted to run, but she could not. I get it. I could not let her suffer just so I could keep her with me. It was like with my dad. He had suffered enough at the end, and his doctor asked us to let him go. My mom and I released him. He was dead in a half hr. Yes, for me it is quality, not quantity of life that matters the most. Anyway.....

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