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Topic: Cannabis use while undergoing chemo for TNBC

Forum: Alternative Medicine —

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Posted on: Jun 24, 2019 02:23AM

murphmango wrote:


I am looking for opinions on Cannabis use while undergoing chemo for TNBC.

My sister was recently diagnosed (age 41) with Grade 3 Multifocal, invasive, ductal Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

She is overseas in Switzerland and the doctors have said there is not enough research/evidence to support if cannabis use is and aid or a hindrance. I am reaching out on her behalf for some insight?

I'm not talking mass quantities of cannabis, a joint once a day or every two days. My thinking would be that the tobacco would be more harmful than the cannabis, perhaps swapping the tobacco for something natural like Damiana?

I am trying to convince her she doesn't need the joints, maybe look at cannabis oils to use in cooking instead?

She has already completed a course of chemo that was done every two weeks for 4 cycles. She is now currently having weekly chemo, she is up to number 3 out of 12.

Surgery will be done after the chemo is completed with possible radiation after that

Appreciate any feedback

Many thanks,

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