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Topic: Intraductal Papilloma

Forum: Alternative Medicine —

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Posted on: Oct 28, 2019 10:45AM

charlieshuman1 wrote:

Hi I am looking for other woman who have/had an intraductal papilloma and would like to know if anyone has been able to get rid of their papilloma naturally? If yes- what was your protocol?

For any of you who went the traditional route for papillomas-{ biopsy/removal}-do you regret any part of that protocol?

Did anyone have more papillomas return after surgical removal?

How many had/have discharge with your papilloma?

Did any of you breast feed and have complications in the same breast where you developed a papilloma like clogged milk duct or mastitis?

Anyone with a papilloma using any type of progesterone before (within 7 years) or during diagnosis?

Doing my own research, since there is very little information to my questions that I can find about papillomas. I appreciate anyone’s information and personal experience regarding intraductal papillomas.

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