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Posted on: Feb 5, 2022 12:49PM - edited Feb 5, 2022 12:50PM by moderators

moderators wrote: is committed to providing reliable information, support, and compassion to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing treatment, learning how to navigate life after breast cancer, and anyone concerned about their breast health. Our online community is a crucial part of providing much-needed services and comfort to all who join us.

Our Community Values

We are a community that treats everyone with kindness, respect, and dignity. Equally. And with no exceptions. Our values help to create a SAFE space where you can find emotional support, shared experiences, and the wisdom of others facing breast cancer. We ask that everyone in our community act with these values in mind:

  • Empathy. Every person is worthy and deserving of understanding and compassion. People arrive unfiltered, and raw. The focus on the emotions behind the language.
  • Respect. The feelings and opinions of all people are honored and valued, even in disagreement. The language that people choose is also theirs to have. It's the feelings behind the language that is important.
  • Inclusivity. Breast cancer does not discriminate, and neither do we/does All are welcome here, without judgment, and no one shall be turned away or discouraged from participating.
  • Connection. Our shared experiences are what bring us together, and those connections are what carry us through the hardest parts of this journey. Connections require people to share some of the most intimate and personal experiences and we must all remember how hard it is to be vulnerable and unfiltered in this way.
  • Knowledge. We empower and inform members throughout their breast cancer journey with access to relevant and practical information and first-person advice and experiences.
Our Community Pledge

The community is a safe, welcoming place for everyone impacted by breast cancer. We are committed to helping to improve your breast cancer experience with peer support, education, encouragement, and compassion.

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