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Topic: papillary carcinoma AND mucinous carcinoma

Forum: Mixed Type Breast Cancer — Meet others who have mixed type breast cancer.

Posted on: Feb 25, 2014 04:50AM

Marta123 wrote:


My mother (47) was diagnosed with 2 types of BC - papillary carcinoma (10mm) and mucinous carcinoma (15mm). Both had a Ki67 index lower than 20%; Both were strongly ER + and weakly PR+. Both were HER2 negative. She had mastectomy done on 17th of January. Her papers/results tell that the guarding lymph node was tumor free BUT there was a micro metastasis of 0.2mm - if I understood him correctly then the Doc explained that they are not 100% sure what that micro metastasis exactly is... could be caner could be anything?(onfused about this)

Fast forward, she was suggested chemo (FEC and T) and Tamoxifen. She had her first chemo (FEC) last Monday and it was awful... althoguh she is feeling better now, even went to work today for a short period. 

I understand that these two types of BC are quite rare and it must be even more rare to have them at the same time. Does anyone else have experiences with this? 

My mother questions the need for chemo at this point. Chemo has its own negative side effects and we`re wondering if it`s really necessary?  No actual metastasis found except for the weird thing of 0.2mm ... the only other indicator for the need of chemo could be the size of her tumors (they were 10mm and 15mm)....

She really suffered the first 5 days after chemo... and it kind of feels like firing an AK47 in a dark room "just in case there`s an enemy".. is it really worth it at this point? What if it does more harm than good? Is that possible? Could there be any lasting negative effects (besides infertility)?

Just in case - we`re not making any decisions lightly and understand that there is a risk of unknown metastasis`s... 

Thank you !

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