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Topic: Spine Stimulator for PMPS

Forum: Pain —

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Posted on: Sep 30, 2012 11:35AM

cinnamonsmiles wrote:

I have been being treated by a pain clinic since June 2011 for chronic and severe PMPS. I have been getting Lidocaine IV infusions every 6-9 weeks for a year now. My new pain doctor has been bringing up a spinal stimulator that masks pain by sending out tingles everytime I see him for procedures.

I have not talked with him in the office about it yet. From the little I have been told now, I will get a temporary wire inserted into the spine while awake and the fix it so the tingles hit the nerves that have been messed up by the BMX with node dissection. I do this for three days, but since it isn't permanent I need to treat my body like after the BMX-no lifting more than a milk jug,no lifting arms above the head, no sudden movements-becuase they don't want the wire to move. Then it sends out tingles that are supposed to confuse the already confused nerves so it masks the pain.

I had seen a pain counselor last summer as well. The pain dr. told me that I passed the psychological test to see if I could handle the spine stimulator tingles. Well, I had no idea I was being tested for that. It NEVER came up in my pain counseling sessions.

I no longer have medicaid, and I found out that Medicare will pay for the lidocain itself, but not the $440 to administer it!! I really can't afford that and I found the clinics in our area are being very difficult with the rotten economy now, to help people who can't afford their medical bills.

I am told that Medicare will cover the spine stimulator.

I am so confused of what to do. Making the decsion for the bilateral mastectomy and node dissection was so much easier. 

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