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Topic: Explanting after previous lat flap not helping with pain!

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Posted on: Jan 16, 2019 02:35PM

CTLMom wrote:

On 12/18 I decided to have my PS remove my implants and just do a lift on the non-lat flap (right) side. I wasn't expecting it to cure my back pain from the lat surgery but I was hoping for a little relief from the pulling and tightness on the lat flap side (left). Healing was going along well until last week when the right side developed a skin infection. Fortunately I noticed it right away and was give oral antibiotics to treat it. When I went in to see the PS he drained 70cc of fluid out of the left side. Four days later they drained 10. They wrapped me in an ace bandage with some padding to try and compress the area but because of by back pain I had to take it off after a few hours.

This whole thing is so frustrating! I feel like my back pain is getting worse especially since not doing PT while I'm healing. I know the scar tissue and adhesions must be getting worse because they're not being worked on! I know other women have chronic back pain after having the lat flap done. I guess I'm just tired of being in pain constantly!

Sorry for just griping but this pain has just overwhelmed me today.

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Jan 22, 2019 02:55PM CBK wrote:

Sorry to hear of your troubles with reconstruction, it can be quite a journey.

I was never really having pain anywhere after exchange surgery (lat flap was done before final exchange) except In my arms.

The way my PT guy explains it to me with BMX and lat flap; the muscles of front of body needs significant stretching while the muscles of the back of the body need strength training. These opposing exercises start to create the balance over time. So muscles of chest are only stretched during my PT sessions and muscles of back and arms are strengthened. My ROM has increased to over what is considered “normal” on lat flap side. Pain in arms mostly non-existent but pain is worse in arm on non lat flap side and that’s most likely from BMX. Nerve impinges from time to time in deltoid! I’m in PT twice a week and do the same weight training and stretches on my own once a week. Huge difference in less than a couple months. I hope you can get back to PT soon for some relief.

Wishing you healing on it’s way!!

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