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Topic: My sister's diagnosis + Spindle Cell Metaplasia??

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Posted on: Sep 6, 2017 09:06PM

TSeaboy wrote:

Hi everyone,

My 39 year old sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer around 2 months ago. I'm not very medical term inclined, but we know this:

There are actually 6 masses in her left breast. Five are contained within the breast, one is "intimately associated with the chest wall".

There is cancer in one of the axillary lymph nodes on the left side.

There is cancer in the internal mammary lymph node chain.

There is a 3.2cm x 2.2cm tumor in her liver.

The MRI of her liver confirmed the metastatic lesion.

Final diagnosis is Stage 4, metastatic breast cancer with high grade spindle cell metaplasia.

What, exactly, is spindle cell metaplasia?

She also had genetic testing done and those results came back negative.

She's currently involved in this clinical trial:

"Randomized Phase III study of pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy vs placebo plus chemotherapy for previously untreated metastatic triple negative breast cancer."

Chemotherapy = Abraxane.

Does anyone have knowledge? Experience?

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Sep 7, 2017 10:55AM Moderators wrote:

Hi TSeaboy,

You may want to do a search on the boards to see if other members are discussing this type of diagnosis:

Also, this thread does have members with a similar diagnosis -- you may want to read and reach out there to see if anyone has additional insight:

We hope this helps and that you receive some answers soon!

--The Mods

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