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Topic: Papillary Carcinoma

Forum: Less Common Types of Breast Cancer — Meet others with less common forms of breast cancer, such as Medullary carcinoma, Inflammatory breast cancers, Mucinous carcinoma (colloid carcinoma), Paget's disease, Papillary carcinoma, Phyllodes tumor, Tubular carcinomas, Metaplastic tumors, Adenoid cystic carcinomas and Angiosarcoma.

Posted on: Jan 10, 2019 08:08PM

Dyannah wrote:

Good Evening Everyone. I was diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma. I caught it early enough to move to preventing it from coming. I am going to have radiation. I was told that this type of cancer is the best one of the cancers to have. While I understand that this is rare, and not a lot of information is on this. Is this cancer not able to spread? If it cannot spread why did the pathologist said something about a microscopic cells there? I am sorry I am asking all of this to you.

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Jan 10, 2019 11:03PM Mary_Liz_Ann3 wrote:

I also had a papillary carcinoma but have recently had a lumpectomy. Did you have surgery as you are now going to have radiation? It can spread as with any other breast cancer but you need to know if you have invasive or not and did you have any lymph nodes checked ?

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Jan 11, 2019 01:49PM Dyannah wrote:

my lymph nodes were clear. The reason for radiation is because of microscope cells. I had it removed in no

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