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Topic: WTF MRI?!

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Posted on: Oct 1, 2018 06:01AM

skram wrote:

I'm seeing a specialist in 2 weeks (Melenie Walker in Melbourne) and I was told by one of my GP's that I would need an MRI and I just found out it's not freaking covered?! I'm a single mum on disability... I asked the lady at Monash "so I just get cancer and can't do anything?!"

I'm furious. Great way to care for the women of Australia, but. pointless MRI of my back? Sure thing.

Ugh so pissed.

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Oct 6, 2018 06:03PM edwards750 wrote:

I live in the US so I not familiar with your health care system but I was wondering why you have to have a MRI? Insurance companies reject coverages here too that don’t make sense but sometimes all the doctors have to do is recode the procedure.

Given you are on disability and a single mother aren’t there any agencies that can help financially if you have to have the MRI?


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Oct 7, 2018 07:05AM skram wrote:

Hi Diane,

Unfortunately a bunch of changes were made to our medicare system over the last few years, so if you have a sore back or a twisted ankle then sure, MRI away for no cost. But for some reason breast MRI's were removed from approved procedures.

I am most likely going to be referred to have an MRI anyway by the specialist as my mammogram and ultrasound came back as fine (even I knew I had no lumps).

However my right breast is hanging lower, is swollen, has hive like smooth swellings with indentations plus changes to nipple shape and general symmetry as well as months of itching below my nipple etc

So, knowing that the other tests I've had can miss certain issues and that this is a completely new situation coming up at age 47 I reckon the next step will be contrast MRI. I just need to find $470 damn dollars.

Which may be tricky considering I literally just told several significant family members that they are no longer welcome in my or my child's life after they manipulated my grandma to change her will, where my deceased mum's share ($100k) was meant to be equally divided between my half sister and I.

However, because I was a trainwreck until I was 34 and pregnant the will now states my sister gets the full $50k but I get $25k and my daughter has $25k put aside. Even though I'm 47 y.o single mum and could have maybe put down a deposit on a little apartment with $50k etc. Nor would I have left my child with nothing ffs, but I used to have problems over 13 years ago...

OMG sorry, I just found out about this crap tonight and am fluctuating between incandescent rage and heart rending hurt atm. Seriously though, we need that money, no one else in my family is poor, they have no f'king idea how hard it is always living hand to mouth and they did this to me and my child knowing how we struggle... ugh, the rage is real.

Anyway, I have told them to stay out of our lives and. even if I end up with a cancer-positive diagnosis, I will lock them out because I am angry and pissed enough to cut off my own nose to spite my face.


So hopefully the specialist knows what's wrong without any further diagnostic tests



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