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Topic: Need advice for my mom's radiology report

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Posted on: May 9, 2016 02:54AM

Sealyawn wrote:


My mom had detected a lump on her upper left breast and conducted the mammogram and ultrasound scan last July. The mammogram analysis found a lesion at left upper quadrant with size about 2.71x2.43x2.63cm, but no sign of cancer. Ultrasound scan also found similar large solid cystic lesion with size about 2.05x1.96x1.96cm at same area. My mom left it untreated for almost a year, and last month, she did another round of mammogram + ultrasound check and realized that the lesion had increased at least 30% bigger without sign of cancer.

See attached radiology reports from two separate doctor's opinions from last year.

The question we are struggling is, since there is no pain and not a cancer, but the lesion size keep increasing... what should we do with my mom's situation? should we go for an operation to remove this lesion or should we continue to do nothing and monitor? what could be the worst case? has anyone here has any experience with this kind of problem?

I am concern that my mom will get too worry and start thinking negatively that could potentially affects her life style and emotions.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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May 11, 2016 08:47AM edwards750 wrote:

Sealyawn - I would be concerned the lesion keeps growing despite not being DX as cancer. What are her doctors recommending? Monitoring?

I'm not a doctor so I can't begin to interpret the radiology report. Obviously it is something but not clearly defined yet.

Not trying to alarm you but keep in mind it's your mother's body and life. We all need to be our own advocates. There are countless stories of women who have normal mammos but a second opinion showed a different DX. I would not settle for a wait and see. I would get another opinion.


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May 11, 2016 11:47AM - edited May 11, 2016 02:00PM by BarredOwl

Hi Sealyawn:

I am a layperson with no medical training, so cannot interpret anything. However, please note the "Comments": "The significance of the atypical squamous cells is unknown. Suggest excisional biopsy for HPE." I am guessing that "HPE" is an abbreviation for "histopathological examination", but she should confirm this with her doctors. I would read this as a recommendation from the Pathologist (?) for a surgical biopsy to remove tissue around the area of concern so that a pathologist can examine it and exclude the possibility of malignancy.

The second document suggests "HPE correlation", which may be another suggestion to obtain a histopathological examination of the area of concern highlighted by imaging by some sort of biopsy.

Has your mom had the prior and recent cytopathology and imaging materials reviewed by a breast surgeon (whose practice focuses almost entirely on the treatment of patients with breast cancer or at high risk)? Did they recommend one or more biopsies?


Stage IA IDC, 9/2013 BMX. Right: IDC (1.5 mm, grade 2) with DCIS (5+ cm), 0/4 nodes, pN0. Left: DCIS (5+ cm), 0/1 node, pN0(i+).

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