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Topic: aplastic anemia, endometriosis and breast cancer

Forum: Breast Cancer with Another Diagnosis or Comorbidity — Meet others who have breast cancer but also have another health diagnosis/comorbidity such as diabetes, MS, bipolar disorder, HIV or AIDS, Parkinson's Disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

Posted on: Jan 7, 2019 05:26PM

gmabeth wrote:

I joined this community due to my daughter's recent IDC diagnosis. She has been treated for a-plastic anemia for a couple years. June 1, 2018 she was told her treatments wouldn't work much longer. They said she might have 2 to 3 years to find a donor for a bone marrow transplant. In mid December she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is not a candidate for any surgical procedure or therapy due to allergies to anesthesia and inability to produce platelets. Three days ago they did a procedure where they injected a medication into the ducts to try to eliminate the cancer cells or at least slow down the growth. They did 27 injections without any form of anesthesia or pain medication. She will have to do this weekly. She is so bruised it looks like she took a steady round from a champion boxer to her breast. It has been a tough road since the June first pronouncement and I am overwhelmed and confused. I only get info from her, and she doesn't necessarily feel up to talking about it. Therefore, I can only surmise what is happening to her. What I do know is that she had a stroke, broke her hand, lacerated her liver, cracked two ribs all in June. She has three children, one with Asperger's, one in the middle of the autism spectrum and the six year old is simply a Tasmanian Devil (but an adorable one). They have had to severely cut back on her weekly blood transfusions and platelets due to the breast cancer. Ironically she has been receiving those at the cancer center so she is already familiar with most of the staff and lots of patients. So this is my story in the smallest nutshell I could fit it into. If anyone can help me understand what is happening in her treatment I would truly appreciate the help. Thank you, from a very distressed mother.

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