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Topic: Bilateral mastectomy planned 24/10/20

Forum: Breast Cancer with Another Diagnosis or Comorbidity — Meet others who have breast cancer but also have another health diagnosis/comorbidity such as diabetes, MS, bipolar disorder, HIV or AIDS, Parkinson's Disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

Posted on: Oct 5, 2020 10:31AM

witchwheels wrote:

Hello ladies,

I urgently need some advice and can think of no better place to ask than here.....

After meeting with our Community Therapy Team on Sunday my long suffering OH and I are feeling a bit let down - not you understand by the lovely ladies we met, but by their complete lack of answers. The have no idea how I’m to manage the day after the op.

In 2003, I was dx with Primarily Progressive MS after an RTA. Until then I was a full time Hotelboat owner/chef working the canals of Southern England with my skipper husband. It’s where we thought to end our days and had even picked our “plots” along the ‘cut’.

In 2015 I was dx with ILC and now, as a full time w’chair user, am facing a bilateral mastectomy which will, for 6 weeks at least, leave me both legless and armless. The lovely ladies from occupational therapy are certain I will once again be able to do our cooking, laundry, housework and even the bread making and gardening which are my hobbies. they just don’t know how I get there. Any ideas girls? I surely can’t be the first person careless enough to get two shitty diseases so I’m praying somebody out there might have some suggestion.....

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