Topic: Request for in home care options in California

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Posted on: Oct 22, 2022 05:29PM

Posted on: Oct 22, 2022 05:29PM

wc3 wrote:

My father's girlfriend's mets are more extensive than previously thought and she will be going on in home hospice in California. The facility she's currently in will be sending her home next week. She's bed ridden and paralyzed on one size and will need 24 hour care, which my father is unable to provide. She currently has a medicare HMO which will provide up to 35 hours per week of in home care, as well as hospice benefits, but we are told that hospice will only come twice a week for two hours. She was recently approved for medi-cal as well which is the state's medicaid program, and so she will also qualify for in home health services through the county, and we are hoping that will cover weekends, however we're not sure if that will be enough to cover weekends, and it does not appear that they offer overnight care. Her only income is her social security, which is consumed entirely by rent and her health insurance premium. If anyone knows of any additional resources, we would greatly appreciate it.

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