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Topic: Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Examination of the Breast

Forum: Stage II Breast Cancer — Meet, share and support others with Stage II Breast Cancer

Posted on: Dec 24, 2019 05:46AM

Zakia wrote:

Clinical Diagnosis


  • Prominent fibro glandular parenchyma of both breasts with mild background parenchymal enhancement.
  • A left retro areolar well defined irregular shaped mass lesion taking shape of a duct with nipple infiltration is seen measuring about 40x22 x18.5 mm, the lesion elicits low T1 intermediate T2 with heterogeneous post contrast enhancement, the lesion appears partially restricted on diffusion and ADC map.
  • Small focal ductal enhancement is seen para areolar at 7 O'clock Dec 18, 2019 measuring about 8x18mm, this enhancement is seen related to and extending to the overlying skin.
  • Mildly dilated left retro areolar ducts.
  • Right 5 o'clock small cyst.
  • Normal skin thickness and contour.
  • Normal nipple areola complex.
  • Bilateral non specific axillary lymphadenopathy.

Left retro areolar mass lesion infiltrating the nipple (BIRADS 6 - Biopsy proven cancer).

Left 7 o'clock small ductal enhancement pointing to the overlying skin correlated with ultrasound (BIRADS 4).

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Dec 24, 2019 12:55PM MinusTwo wrote:

Zakia - if you're looking for someone to comment, you might want to post on djmammo's thread

2/15/11 BMX-DCIS 2SNB clear-TEs; 9/15/11-410gummies; 3/20/13 recurrance-5.5cm,mets to lymphs, Stage IIIB IDC ER/PRneg,HER2+; TCH/Perjeta/Neulasta x6; ALND 9/24/13 1/18 nodes 4.5cm; AC chemo 10/30/13 x3; herceptin again; Rads Feb2014

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